After graduating from Columbia College Chicago in 2012 with a BA in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management, Lauren returned to her roots in Milwaukee in 2013. Her interest in contemporary abstract and geometric art started in 2008 with a hard-edge assignment during a high school painting class. As taught in 11th grade, the acrylic medium and hardboard base became the foundation of her artwork moving forward, with 3M blue painter’s tape, a quilting ruler, and an X-acto knife serving as her preferred tools. 

The all-too-familiar post-college identity crisis kicked her motivation into high gear to build a presence for herself and led to shows in Chicago, where she had her first solo exhibit in 2013. Greeted with a thriving arts community upon her homecoming to Milwaukee, she's worked to network and gain exposure in the local market, showing her artwork at bars, boutiques, galleries, and other venues. As Lauren’s goals have accelerated toward a full-time career, Lauren spends her free time painting as a creative and therapeutic outlet in which art exists as an intermittent hobby.

In Fall 2017, Lauren began her journey to graduate school for a MA in Community Arts at Eastern Illinois University. During the two-year Master's program, she plans to gain deeper knowledge in arts education and artistic expression, aspiring to work with underprivileged, disabled/special needs, and youth populations. Ultimately, Lauren hopes to merge her desire for social prosperity and her love for the arts as a lifelong career.